Home Depot Product Properties

Updated 2 years ago

For products to be included in the inventory feed they need to be Enabled for HomeDepot and must have UPC set on the Product Summary Page.

  • Home Depot Enabled - Only enabled products will have the aggregate quantity pushed to the channel
  • MerchantSKU - Enter the merchant SKU here
    *Please Note: If the SKU entered in Home Depot Merchant SKU field does not match your SKU in Home Depot, the item will not be updated and another product will be created in Home Depot with only a SKU and Product Name. 
  • HomeDepot Title - Specific title for the HomeDepot listing. If not entered we will use the Product Name.
  • ListingID - Links to the listing on HopeDepot
  • Price - Specific price for this channel 
  • Inventory Status - Can be set to Available, NotAvailable, BackOrderAllowPurchase, BackOrderDoNotAllowPurchase
  • HomeDepot Back Order Days - In case BackOrdering is enabled, this can set the delay in days  
  • Safety Quantity - Can be set on the product or use the default setting set on the company settings for HomeDepot
  • Inventory - Shows the inventory available for this channel, this number will be send in the feed

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