DHL Configuration

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DHL, or DHL Express, is a European parcel and freight delivery provider that services international countries. DHL also provides delivery service from the U.S. to international destinations. DHL does not offer domestic delivery service within the U.S. 

DHL should not be confused with DHL eCommerce, a separate company that ships domestically within the U.S. and internationally. The two companies are owned by the same parent company, Deutsche Post DHL, but operate independently of each other.

Configuring DHL in ShipBridge

  1. Contact your DHL representative for Web Service access credentials. They should provide a Site ID and site Password.
  2. In ShipBridge, click Menu > Options > General tab > check the Fetch user-defined columns for products setting > Save.
  3. Click Menu > Options > Carriers > DHL tab.
  4. Enter your DHL account number and credentials. 
  5. Check the Use DHL Web Services box > Save.
  6. Continue with label printer configuration and other settings.

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