Importing N-Matrix Products

Updated 7 months ago

You can create new matrixes in bulk using a file import, or add products to an existing matrix using the same file import.

Importing a new matrix configuration

  1. Click Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product N-Matrix.
  2. Select a File Type from the dropdown > click Download Template.
  3. In the ParentProductID column, enter the Matrix Parent SKU. You must enter the parent SKU in every row that has a matrix child of that parent. Important! The Matrix Parent must exist in your SellerCloud catalog before importing.
  4. In the ProductID column, enter the product ID of the variation product. If the Product ID matches an existing SKU in your catalog, that SKU will be configured as a matrix child. If the SKU does not exist, the import will create it and configure it as a matrix child.
  5. In the remaining columns, enter the values of the dimensions associated with that variation. In the image below, there are two dimensions - Color and Size - and on the product rows are Red, Green, Small, and Large, respectively.
  6. If you have more dimensions for this n-matrix, add more columns with that dimension name as the header. If dimensions or values entered do not exist in SellerCloud, they will be created with this file import.
  7. Save the file with a unique name.
  8. On the Import Product N-Matrix page, find and select the file.
  9. Click Import Products Info. The import creates a queued job to create the n-matrix configuration. 

Adding products to a matrix

The easiest way to add products to an existing matrix is to export the existing matrix, and then import it with the updated products:

  1. Open the Manage Inventory page and search for the Matrix.
  2. Select the Matrix Parent > Action Menu > Export N Matrix > Go.
  3. Add the products to the file as instructed above, then save the file.
  4. Click Inventory > Import Product Info > Import N Matrix (neither checkbox is required).
  5. Choose File > and then click Import Matrix.

Products can be added on the interface as well on the Matrix properties page. Check the "Show All" checkbox to reveal all available options. You can add more dimensions and values there as well.

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