Rakuten Properties Overview

Updated 1 year ago

Note: Rakuten is still referred to in SellerCloud by its former name, Buy.com.

On the Buy.com Properties page, you can get your product ready for listing on Buy.com. 

Different properties are required depending on whether you wish to join and existing listing, or whether you wish to create a new listing. 
  • Joining an existing listing is accomplished by sending an inventory file. The inventory file contains more info than just inventory. The fields that are sent are indicated below by the Required note in the Inventory Upload Column. 
  • Creating a New Listing is accomplished by exporting a file populated with the required fields. The required fields are indicated below in the New Product Feed column. 
    • Please Note: After creating a new listing, you will need to send the inventory file as well. So it may be worthwhile to fill in all fields.
To update Buy.com Properties in bulk, use the Export Channel Missing Attributes feature. Read more about that here.

 Property Explanation Inventory  New Product Feed
 Buy.com Enabled Enabling will include the available inventory in the inventory feed. If not enabled will send a zero value for inventory. Required 
 BDC Merchant SKU Defaults to ProductID, but can be edited to map to a different SKU identifier on Buy.com Required Required
 BDC ProductID Similar to an Amazon ASIN, this is the listing identifier. Required
 Buy.com Category  Select a category. Set the attributes to upload new listing. When bulk updating, enter the numerical category ID. Read more  here.  Required with attributes  configured
 Site Price The default price.  
 Buy.com Price Selling price on Buy.com. To use Site Price enable Use Default. Required 
 Inventory Available Typically equals the aggregate qty, but can depend on safety qty, replenishable status, and custom calc. Included 
 Replenishable Item marked as Replenishable will use the default qty instead of the available qty.  
 Safety Quantity Qty to not be included in inventory feed. Can help prevent overselling. Enter qty or use Company Default  
 Enable Default Qty For replenishable items. Reveals the default qty box. Enter qty or use Company Default  
 Lead Time to Ship The amount of time from when the order is placed until the order will be shipped out. Read more below  
 Shipping Price Set price for shipping. Leave value at "0" to not offer that shipping service. Required 
 Product Condition  Required 
 UPC   Required
 Manufacturer   Required
 Manufacturer SKU   Required
 Ship Weight   Required
 Short Description   Required
 Image   Required

Shipping time for Buy.com orders

Shipping time for Buy.com orders is configured on your Buy.com account. However, you can override the account level setting from SellerCloud by setting a Lead time to Ship (Fulfillment Latency) on each product in the Buy.com properties page. A default Lead Time to Ship can also be set in the Buy.com Settings page and applied on products using the Use Default checkbox. Important Note from Buy.com: This functionality only works with the Home & Outdoor, Sports, Toys and Baby categories. Will not work with any other product categories. Valid values: 1 - 7.
Changes to the Lead time to Ship will update automatically to Buy.com.

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