Integrate with Wayfair CastleGate Fulfillment

CastleGate is a fulfillment platform that works with a lot of suppliers and offers easy deliveries at low costs. This works similarly to FBA. They keep the inventory in their warehouses, once an order arrives they will notify SellerCloud that they have this order and it will be shipped. After the order is shipped they will send us the tracking info and we will send them back the invoice.

It is strongly recommended that CastleGate be integrated with a separate company than the regular Wayfair account. This is because both orders will be marked as Wayfair orders and it will be very confusing to figure out what each one really is. The CastleGate orders will have the word "CastleGate" in the username, but that will be the only difference.

SellerCloud can integrated with CastleGate to provide fulfillment for Wayfair orders via EDI documents using specialized plugins. Orders will have Order Source set to WayFair.

  • Order Import (EDI 850) - Creates the order in SellerCloud with Dropship Pending status.
  • Order Export (EDI 810) -  After the order is shipped will export the invoice information.
  • Tracking Import (EDI 945) - Marks the order as Fully Shipped and adds the tracking info.

For general instructions on how to set up a plugin integration, see here. Keep in mind that, unlike most other channels, this integration has SellerCloud receiving order info and also receiving tracking, so the task types will need to correspond with this. 

Testing may be required before going live with CastleGate. You can ask any questions you have while going through this process to our support team by email or ticket, or you can enroll in Premium Support for a dedicated representative to walk you through the process.  

Plugin Requirements

The following custom settings you can request assistance from SellerCloud Support.

These Custom Company Settings need to be set on the default company:

  • AR_CustomerISAID - Sender ID. This should be the customers phone number.
  • AR_ISAID - Receiver ID. IMPORTANT: This should be set to CASTLEGATE. By default they will use the regular Wayfair ID, you need to request CastleGate to use this ID as receiver ID.
  • ISAControlNumber - Control numbers: set to 1 (auto-incremented within the plugin)
  • STControlNumber - Control numbers:  set to 1 (auto-incremented within the plugin)
  • GSControlNumber - Control numbers:  set to 1 (auto-incremented within the plugin)

Custom Order Columns:

  • AR_SuppID 
  • Castlegate_SupplierID

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