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Check out this short video tutorial on adding products via channels!

Some channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace, have product catalogs that can be used to create products in SellerCloud. Products can be "pulled" together with product information, including description and images.

This feature is typically used to create products from other sellers' listings. Importing your own existing listings from various channels into SellerCloud can be done in bulk with different methods for different channels.

Add product via Amazon

This feature is only available to clients who have been approved for the Amazon Associates Program.
  1. Click Inventory > Add Product from Amazon
  2. Enter a UPC or keywords and click Search Amazon Products.
  3. Select listing(s) and click Add Selected Products.
  4. Edit the SKU if necessary and click Add Products:
  • Amazon Product Description will import into the Long Description on the product home page
  • Bullet points will import into the Bullet Point fields on the Amazon Properties page (not into the short description)
  • Other information includes Merchant SKU, ASIN, Amazon Condition and Condition Note, Amazon Price, Tax Code, Manufacturer, Brand, UPC, etc.

Add product via eBay

Before adding the product, you can choose the warehouse where inventory is imported by using the Client Setting Set inventory when creating a local listing from eBay to warehouse. The default value is None. If you keep that value, the inventory of the listing will not be added to any warehouse.
  1. Click Inventory > Add Product from eBay.
  2. Enter an eBay Item Id or Keyword. 
  3. To create the SKU with the custom label on eBay, check the include ProductID/SKU of the item. 
  4. Click Find Product.
  5. Select a listing and click Add Selected Products.
  6. Enter a SKU or edit the SKU.
  7. Click Continue Add Products. The following occurs:
  • eBay Title, Images, Price, Ship Weight, and Dimensions (if available) will import
  • eBay category and Item Specifics will be added from the listing
  • The entire eBay description (Product Description and Description template) will import under a new description field eBay Description (imported). Because eBay bundles it all together, this cannot be used a regular description.
  • Shipping and Description templates will be created based on listing information, and applied to a the product. This occurs even if you have default shipping and description templates

Add product via Walmart Marketplace

A Walmart Marketplace account is not needed to obtain product information.
  1. Go to
  2. Click Register at top right.
  3. Complete the form to register for a product search API key. The website URL field must have the prefix "http://" - as in You will be emailed an API key (check your spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox).
  4. Copy and paste the key in the Walmart Setting page > Product Search API Key field > Save.
  5. Under Inventory > Add Product Via Walmart Marketplace.
  6. Enter a keyword or Walmart Item ID.
  7. Click Search.
  8. Select the product(s) you want to add, and click Add Selected Products.
  9. Give each product a ProductID .
  10. Press Create Products. The product will be created with descriptions, images etc.

Add product via Jet

This procedure will only bring data from your own Jet listings into SellerCloud, which is useful when adding your existing Jet account and listings to SellerCloud. This procedure will not bring information in from other sellers' listings from the JET website.
  1. Click Inventory > Add Product Via Jet.
  2. When adding a product via Jet, 3 fields must be set: CompanyJET Merchant SKU, and ProductID to Create. 
  3. The company selected should reflect the company that is integrated with the Jet account that has the desired item listed. This is also where the new item in SellerCloud will be created.
  4. The JET Merchant SKU can be retrieved by the SKU the item has in your Jet portal.
  5. The ProductID to Create is the SKU that will be created in SellerCloud to be associated with this product.

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