Listing on eBay Overview

Updated 1 year ago

A product must be ready for eBay to allow for posting on eBay. If a product does not have the proper eBay values and attributes, a red X will appear before actions can be completed. Hover over the X to reveal the error message. 

SellerCloud supports Auction and Fixed Price listing formats. 

  1. Navigate Product > Toolbox > eBay Properties.
  2. Get your products ready for eBay
  3. To post a Fixed Price listing: Action Menu > List on eBay > Go. 
  4. To post an auction: use the Listing Manager page.
  5. When the item lists, an eBay ID number will appear beneath the Action Menu. 
  6. You can list multiple items from the Manage Inventory page by selecting Action Menu > Launch on eBay to post the items as a Fixed Price listing.
  7. When launching a kit, the component images can be sent together with the image on the kit parent. This is controlled by Client Settings > Post images on eBay for Kit Parent Product.
If you are using Paypal to accept payments as is typical, you must set that on the eBay Listing Defaults page before listing any product: Company > Start eBay Settings Wizard > Listing Defaults.
When listing N-Matrix (Variations), see the instructions on this page.

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