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Updated 2 years ago

Amazon's Ship By Region templates enables sellers to offer different shipping rates per state. These new shipping settings give merchants much greater flexibility with shipping options. For example, a merchant can offer 2 day shipping in one state or region, but not in the rest of North America. Whereas previously shipping overrides were used to override account level settings, the new Amazon shipping allows you to create up to twenty shipping templates. The templates are assigned on the product level. Read more here.

  1. Opt in to the New Amazon Shipping Settings.
  2. Create ship by region shipping templates in Seller Central.
  3. In SellerCloud, navigate to Amazon General settings and enable setting Enable Ship By Region templates.
  4. A new item will appear in the Amazon Settings submenu - Ship by Region Templates
  5. Add the templates by entering the names of the templates. 
  6. Now assign the templates to products.
    1. Amazon Properties page > Select the template from the Shipping Template drop down. Only the Ship By Region templates will be available for selection. 
    2. Or you can select a default template in the Amazon Settings > Product Defaults. 
    3. Bulk update with file upload use column header AmazonShippingTemplate.
  7. The products must be (re)posted to Amazon for the shipping template to be updated on the product in Seller Central.
Please Note: Gift Wrap options will not be sent to Amazon when Ship By Region Templates is enabled. The service will update changes to the shipping templates to Seller Central. 

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