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SellerCloud provides a reconciliation report that displays discrepancies between units that should be in FBA and that which is currently in FBA. While Amazon provides a per-shipment reconciliation report, SellerCloud's report reconciles your entire inventory at FBA more comprehensively. SellerCloud's report complies data from multiple Amazon reports, including all orders, returns, reimbursements, removals, etc., as well as from FBA inbound shipments in SellerCloud. All data will be loaded onto a single page to provide an expected qty at FBA.
Please note: Filing a claim needs to be done through Amazon's Shipment Reconciliation Tool located in the "c" tab on each shipment's summary page. Read more about that here.

  1. Navigate Settings > Client Settings and activate client setting Enable FBA Reconciliation Page.
  2. Navigate Inventory > FBA Reconciliation.
  3. Press Search to return your FBA products. You can filter by Company, ProductID, ASIN, or FNSKU prior to pressing Search. Only Amazon Fulfilled product will be returned.
  4. Select the products and select Set Start Date from the action menu. The page will refresh with the "Start Date" and "Beg. Qty" fields now editable.
  5. Enter a start date and the qty at FBA at the start date. This will designate the date from when to start calculating the inventory sent and received. 
  6. Press Save.
  7. The page will display the following data: 
Explanation of Column Headers

Product identifiers ProductID, Merchant SKU, ASIN, Product Name.
Beginning Qty The quantity at FBA at the time of the Start Date. 
Qty Shipped  The Qty that was shipped to FBA since the Start Date.
 Received The Qty FBA marks as received for that item since the Start Date.
 Returns  Number of units for this SKU in the FBA Return Report.
 Orders  Number of units for this SKU in the FBA Customer Shipment Sales report
 Removals  Number of times this SKU shows in the FBA Removal Shipment Detail Report. 
 Reimbursed  Number of times this SKU showed in the FBA Reimbursement Report. Reimbursements occur when Amazon  recognizes that your  units were lost or damaged, and  Amazon accepts responsibility for the loss. The item is removed from inventory and merchant is reimbursed.
 Adjustments   This value is based on the FBA Inventory Adjustments Report column “quantity”. This report shows corrections and updates to your inventory in response to issues  such as damage, loss, receiving discrepancies, inventory transfers, and so on. This column is not used in SellerCloud's reconciliation calculations. Read more about  the  Amazon Inventory Adjustment Report here.
Expected Inventory The sum of:  Beginning Qty + Shipped - ((Orders + Removals + Reimbursed) - Returns) = Expected Inventory
 Actual  Taken from the “afn-warehouse-quantity” column in the most recent FBA Manage Inventory Report. 
  (afn-warehouse-quantity = (afn-fulfillable-quantity) + (afn-unsellable-quantity) +  (afn-reserved-quantity).
Discrepancy Expected Inventory - Actual = Discrepancy

Set Start Date in Bulk - Column Headers



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