Signifyd Fraud Protection

Updated 2 years ago

SellerCloud integrates with Signifyd to retrieve the fraud check status of orders. 
Please note: SellerCloud does not submit the orders to be verified by Signifyd. That should be done outside of SellerCloud through your website portal, for example. 
However, SellerCloud can create order statuses and notes based on the response from Signifyd. You can use these statuses and notes to manage the orders for shipping.
The response will include the following:
  •  Open, Processing, Held are active and still being processed
  •  Dismissed and Flagged means that it was processed
 Score   0 - 1000. The higher score being the better score. 
 Guarantee Disposition
 For "Complete Assurance"  accounts
  • APPROVED - CaseApproved
  • DECLINED - Case Declined
  • CANCELLED - Customer cancelled order after submitting payment.
  • PENDING - Approval Pending
  • UNSET, NULL - Order was not yet processed

Integrating Signifyd

Signifyd is integrated through an order export plugin and scheduled tasks. Much of this set up will need to be done by SellerCloud Support. SellerCloud Support should refer to the Signifyd Plugin explanation page for detailed instructions.
Orders that pass the fraud check will be marked with the status "Order Confirmed". If you want to prevent orders that have not passed the fraud check from loading into ShipBridge, navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping. Check the option Confirmed Only. However, because only website orders are managed by the plugin, orders from all other channel will be left as not confirmed. You can either manually mark the orders as "Confirmed" to allow download into ShipBridge, or use the "ConfirmNonWebsiteOrderPostOrderPlugin" to mark all non-website orders as confirmed.

Please note: Signifyd DOES NOT detect fraud for payments made through Paypal, so the plugin does not submit Paypal orders (but it will mark them "Confirmed"). 

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