Magento Categories Setup

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While categories are created in your Magento Admin portal, SellerCloud can download your existing Magento Category tree so that you can assign products to these categories from within SellerCloud. SellerCloud will then include the list category related information when it updates Magento with product information. 
To download the categories, navigate to Company Settings > Magento > Categories and click the link 'Re-Download all categories' as below:

Now set categories for a particular product on the product's Magento Properties page as seen below and Save.

To update products in bulk with Magento categories:
  1. Bulk Update Products with column header  MagentoAttributeSetID . The expected value is the numerical category ID, as displayed in the above image next to the category name. If a product is a member of multiple categories, multiple category numbers can be uploaded by separating the numbers by commas.
  2. Inventory > Select products > Bulk Edit Magento from Action Menu. Select category from tree. Select to add as additional category or to replace existing category selection. Save
  3. Or go to Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Magento Attributes and download the template.

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