Lightspeed Orders

Updated 1 year ago

Lightspeed orders download automatically into SellerCloud. 
Here's how SellerCloud interacts with Lightspeed for orders.

  • Orders are brought in from the last 2 days 
  • Only orders that have a "Completed" status will be created in SellerCloud.
  • Orders are created as LocalStore orders and the Order Creation Source Application is set to Point Of Sale.
  • If there is no customer set on the order in Lightspeed, the order will be created with the customer name being "Lightspeed Order" 
  • The payment type and amount of payments from Lightspeed will import. If there is no payment (but the order is completed in Lightspeed) it will be marked as paid in SellerCloud, and there will be an order note of explanation.
  • Orders will come in as shipped (Carrier: Other, Service: Pickup) 
  • All Orders will be created under user LightspeedPOS<companyID>

Order Items
  • Lightspeed does not include the custom SKU when sending SellerCloud the order. If the ItemID which they send us, is not set up as a Lightspeed ItemID on a product in SellerCloud, the item will come in as UKNOWN.
  • Client setting "Stop Calculating Taxes for LocalStore orders." must be enabled for the taxes to come in properly. 
  • If a sale line has negative inventory, SellerCloud interprets that as a return and will be added as a refund to the order.

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