View Warehouse Inventory and Value

Updated 2 years ago

View inventory at each warehouse:

  1. Inventory >  Advanced filter tab
  2. Select warehouse from advanced filters.
  3. Enter an inventory quantity and press Search.
  4. If you do not select a quantity then all products will show, because all products are tagged in each warehouse with a quantity of zero. 
  5. Click the Total Units hyperlink.
  6. Export to a spreadsheet from the action menu.
  7. Please note: If you want to determine the exact total value of your inventory, you will need to remove all virtual products, like shadows, from the inventory search.

View product inventory across multiple warehouses:

  • Inventory > Select Product > Product Summary page. View warehouse panel.
View single or multiple product inventories across multiple warehouses and export to Excel:
  • Inventory > Select Products >  Export Warehouse Inventory from Action Menu.

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