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Updated 3 months ago

You can remove orders from SellerCloud by deleting them or voiding them.

While deleting orders may sound logical, most channels have an automated import feature that checks for the Order Source IDs and imports the order if the ID does not exist in SellerCloud. This means that unless there is an Order Date Limit set on the channel to prevent the order from re-importing into SellerCloud, deleted orders may reappear in our platform.

The best way to avoid this is with the Void Order function. Voided orders stay in SellerCloud, but they:

  • Do not show in order searches
  • Cannot reserve inventory
  • Do not count in report calculations
  • Do not get exported to ShipBridge 
Voiding an order will not send any information to the channel or customer.

To void an order:

  1. Enable the Client Setting Allow Void Orders in bulk.
  2. On the Manage Orders page, select the order(s) > click the Action Menu's Set as Void > Go.

To bulk-void orders from a list search:

  1. Copy the Order ID column. This is the internal Order ID used in SellerCloud.
  2. Click Advanced Search on the Manage Orders page.
  3. Click into the Order# List field. A new window appears.
  4. Paste the Order ID column into the text field. IDs should be 1 per line with no spaces or commas. The character limit for this field is usually 50-60 Order IDs.
  5. Click Continue. Only the selected Order IDs will appear in the search.
  6. Select them and choose Action Menu > Set As Void > Go.

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