Product Profit Summary

Updated 7 months ago

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The Product Profit Summary report sums up items costs, order costs, and revenue totals of all orders per SKU. This report looks the orders within the date range and averages the profit.

  • Read how Item Cost is calculated here. The item cost in the reports is based on the cost of the item at the time of the order, and the method used to calculate the cost (Average, Last, or Site).
  • Read how P&L is calculated and tracked on an order here
  • Shipping costs for mult-item orders are divided among the products based on percentage against Total Cost using the following parameters:
    • Shipping weight
    • If shipping weight is unavailable, the adjusted site price (Product price x Qty) is used. 
  • For FBA or Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders, the per item is based on information in the Amazon settlement.

See answers to frequently asked questions about reports. 

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