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Configure your credit card processor info for a Point of Sale. Typically, you will need separate gateway accounts and credentials for CP (card present) and CNP (card not present) transactions, so even if you have entered CNP credentials in Sellercloud, you will need to enter the CP credentials in POSBridge.
  1. Select the gateway - Currently, POSBridge is integrated with, RedFin, and Fidelipay.
  2. Press the Load button.
  3. When selecting
    1. Enter Username and transaction key.
    2. Change the Transaction Mode to Live and obtain the Live URL from SellerCloud Support.
    3. Press Update.
    4. Select CCV Code Require -Yes or No.
    5. Enter the cut-off time when transactions become settled. This should match what has been set up on
    6. Press Update.
  4. When selecting Redfin:
    1. Enter Username and Password. This can be obtained from the client's card processor account rep. 
    2. Change transaction Mode to "Live". Press Update.
  5. When selecting Fidelipay:
    1. Enter Source Key and Pin Code.
    2. Change transaction Mode to "Live". Press Update.

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