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Updated 2 months ago

A shipping template determines which shipping service is used for a product order, and the cost of the shipping. You must manually create at least one shipping template for specific use with Google Shopping Actions

After you create at least one template, it will be available for you to select it (show me where) in each product's Google Express Shipping Template field (as one of the steps in configuring your products' properties).

To create a Google Express shipping template:

  1. Go to Company > Toolbox > Google Express > Shipping Templates.

  2. Complete the following fields:
    1. Template ID - Enter a name for the template.
    2. Service Name - Enter the name of the shipping carrier.
      Note: You can map this shipping service to an actual shipping method in Sellercloud using Shipping Method Mapping.
    3. Price - Enter the shipping price.
    4. Country - Select the shipping destination country.
  3. Click Save Template. The template appears in the grid.
  4. Now that each saved template is available for selection in the Shipping Template field on each product's Google Express properties, you can proceed to configuring your products' properties.

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