Product Labels Print Settings Tab

Updated 7 months ago

On this page you can set defaults for printing product labels. Selections can be made on the product level as well.
  • Print Method - Default or special plugin. When selecting Plugin, the plugin can then be selected from the dropdown underneath. 
  • Format - when using the Default print method choose from :
    • SKU - prints SKU and barcode
    • UPC - prints UPC and barcode
    • ASIN - prints ASIN and barcode
    • FNSKU - Prints FNSK and barcode
    • Detailed - Prints SKU, UPC, Brand, and Model # with barcode containing all info.
    • Label_Paper - Prints SKU only
  • Print Settings - Auto Show or Auto Print after searching for the product on the Products tab.
  • Default Printer - For product labels only.
  • Quantity - Sets the default of how many product lables to print - either to match the amount currently in stock, or to default to 0. Defaulting to zero will set require you to select a custom amount on each product.

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