Dropship Overview

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Check out this short tutorial on dropshipping an order directly from a vendor to a customer.

See complete instructions on configuring dropshipping.  

Dropship on a case-by-case basis

  1. Orders > Manage Orders > Order Details > Manage Drop Ship from the Action Menu.  
  2. Select a vendor, enter Vendor Order ID (if Allow to enter Vendor Order ID when dropshipping order is enabled in Client Settings), and click Request Dropship
  3. After the status updates, click the link to Send PO to Vendor
  4. Review the email template and click Send PO via Email
  5. After the vendor sends confirmation, update the order's status to reflect the order's current dropship status. 
  6. When the status is updated to Processed, enter the tracking number and shipping data. The order's status at the order source (Amazon, eBay, etc.) will update and the tracking number will be posted.

Note: To update the Order Source as "Shipped" without a tracking number:

  • Enable the client setting Enable Preship Confirm, then click Set Pre-ship Confirm on the order's Action Menu. 
  • To automatically update the Order Source without the tracking number, enable the client setting Mark Order for PreShip Confirmed when DropShipped (Enable Preship Confirm must be pre-selected).
  • To prevent the Order Source from being updated again when the tracking number is entered into SellerCloud, enable the client setting Mark Src Updated ForShipping instead of src Updated For PreShipping.

How to understand inventory levels when dropshipping.

Dropship multiple orders

  1. Open Manage Orders and select all orders to dropship. 
  2. Action Menu > DropShip Requested  > Go
  3. On the list of selected orders: Choose vendors, enter the vendor Order ID (if enabled in Client Settings), and click Request Dropship. 
  4. After the status is updated, click the tab Click here to send Purchase Order to Vendor.
  5. On the following page, select an email template from the drop-down menu and click Send Purchase order to vendor.

Dropship with a file upload

  1. Select a file export type from the dropdown menu on the DropShip Preferences page (see Dropship Configuration for more information). Contact SellerCloud Support to confirm which file meets your requirements. If none is available, SellerCloud developers can create an export format for you.

Mark products/orders automatically as pending dropship

  1. Inventory > Product > Toolbox > Shipping Preferences > Dropship mode field > Ship from Vendor or Manufacturer. The order will only attain a DropShip pending status, which will prevent it from going into ShipBridge. It will have to be dropshipped manually.
  • If you want to dropship only when you do not have the item in stock, enable the client setting Mark order as Pending DropShip only if inventory not available.

To show a relationship and to track order fulfillment, the order and purchase order are linked - on the order details and on the purchase order. The order and purchase order can be printed out together for recordkeeping by clicking the Print Invoices to PDF with PO on the Action Menu.

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