End of Day Forms

Updated 2 years ago

End of Day forms can be create for USPS, DHL eCommerce/Global Mail through Endicia, Express One through Endicia, and FedEx through Shipbridge when using webservices. UPS does not allow this option through webservices as it is not necessary. If you need one for UPS, please integrate ShipBridge with WorldShip.

To generate an end of day:

  1. Open the ShipBridge Menu.
  2. Select End of Day.
  3. Select the carrier off the menu. Then you can select the company you are hoping to export for.
    Note: You can not pull this for orders shipped yesterday. You can only generate this on the day of shipment.
  4. It will then confirm if you want proceed. Click ok and generate the form.

Note: You can reprint previously generated end of days from the postage log. Go to Menu>Postage Log in Shipbridge. From there select the postage log you are hoping to reprint and hit the print ELS/E1 SCAN form button at the bottom.

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