Amazon Bullet Points

Updated 5 hours ago

Amazon listings can have up to 5 bullet points. They are displayed on the top of the listing and can be used to provide short information for the product's features.

Updating the bullet points

  1. For a single product update, you can navigate to the product Amazon Properties and click More next to the Bullet Point 1 field.
  2. For bulk updates, the related columns are: ProductBullet, ProductBullet2, ProductBullet3, ProductBullet4, ProductBullet5.

Using Amazon Bullet Points on other channels

Amazon Bullet points can be included in the eBay's Description template, which can also be used for other channels like Walmart Marketplace and some websites. You can use the following placeholders:

  • #?ProductBullet?#
  • #?ProductBullet2?#
  • #?ProductBullet3?#
  • #?ProductBullet4?#
  • #?ProductBullet5?#

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