Multi-Package Shipping

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Multi-Package Shipping Tutorial

An order with multiple items may need to be shipped in multiple packages. You can add packages to an order in ShipBridge. This can be done from the Main Order Grid, or from the Scan and Ship window.
  1. Enable client setting Enable Multiple Shipping packages.
  2. Open the menu tab and Enable Multi-Package Support. 
  3. From the Order Grid - select the order you wish to divide into multiple packages. Continue with 5 below.
  4. From the Scan and Ship window - after scanning the products, press the Edit Packages button. Continue with 6 below
  5. Right-click and select Edit Packages from the drop-down.
  6. Add packages by clicking on the green "Add” icon at the top right corner of the Edit Package window. 
  7. Move Items - Split your items into separate packages by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate package. 
  8. Move Units - To split units from a single item, right click on the item and click on the pop up Move units to another package. A window will pop up to select amounts of units to move. Select a package number or create a new one. Then click Move 
  9. Click Save.
Signature Confirmation for Multiple Packages
To require signature confirmation per package, instead of per shipment, open the Menu Options > Shipping tab and enable the setting Use per-package signature confirmation. Then, restart Shipbridge.
Note: for multi-package orders, the regular Signature Required check box on the order will be hidden. Instead, configure the signature from the main grid or using the "Edit Packages" (also available on Scan & Ship).

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