Bonanza Properties Overview

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The Bonanza Properties page contains all the products attributes related to Bonanza. On this page you can manage products and get them ready for listing on Bonanza. Products that are not ready will display a red X. Hover over the X to reveal missing attributes. Products that are ready will have a green check.



Bonanza Enabled

When enabled, a product's available inventory will be included in the inventory feed. When not enabled, a qty zero will be sent for the product.

Bonanza Title

 Defaults to Product Name but can be edited for Bonanza 


 Listing price for Bonanza. Enable Use Default checkbox to use the product's Site Price.

Price Negotiable

 Enable this option to list product with OBO (or best offer).

Instant Offer Price

 When price is negotiable, Instant Offer Price will be used as a floor level to auto accept an offer at level or above the Instant Price.

 Safety Qty

 Reserves from available quantity. Click here for more information


 When marked as Replenishable, the aggregate qty is ignored. Instead, the Default Qty is included in the inventory feed. 

 Default Qty

 Qty used when item is marked as Replenishable.

 Available Qty

 Qty currently available for Bonanza. Usually, this will match the Aggregate Qty, but can be dependent on Safety Qty and Replenishable status

Bonanza Category

 Select a category from the tree. Read more about Bonanza categories here.

Shipping Template

 Shipping charges and option offered on the listing. Read more here.

Bonanza Description

 Use Default option will populate field with long description. HTML will be stripped.




 For reference purposes only. This field is not sent to Bonanza. However, "Brand" is typically included in the Traits.


 This is similar to eBay Item specifics and based on Category selection. Read how to import traits in bulk here.

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