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Updated 4 months ago is a channel that mainly sells refurbished Apple goods in addition to a wide range of other electronics.

The connection with the marketplace uses FTP and is set up via a plug-in, so the orders will import as a website.

It is recommended that you set up a company for Back Market to distinguish the orders.

Check out this informative SellerCloud-hosted webinar with Back Market!

To set up:

  1. Back Market will provide your FTP credentials for the connection. 
  2. Go to Client Settings > select Enable Custom Company Settings > Save.
  3. Go to Toolbox > Custom Settings (under the company that will hold the orders) > create the following custom setting:

    USE_AMAZON_PRICE (the data type is Boolean) - If set to true and Amazon price is greater than 0, it will use that instead of the Back Market price custom column
  4. The Backmarket plugin will require 3 custom columns (added by your system administrator or by SellerCloud Support): 
  • BACKMARKET_SKU - This is a custom product column.
  • BACKMARKET_PRICE - This is a custom product column of the data type "decimal." Note: A value is required, and that value must be greater than zero for the plugin to properly update the SKU listing. Do not enter a price of zero.
  • BACKMARKET_NEWSTATE - This is a custom order column.
  1. A scheduled task must be set up for each of these plugins: 
  • Inventory Export: Plugin is named "DX Backmarket Product Export"
  • Order Import: Plugin is named "DX Backmarket Order Import" 
  • Tracking Export: Plugin is named "DX Backmarket Tracking Export" 
Contact SellerCloud Support to request an upload of these plugins on your server and create the custom columns.

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