Searching By SKU List

Updated 2 years ago

On the Manage Inventory, you can search your product catalog by a list of multiple SKUs to bring up the exact list of items you would like to see. Follow these instructions to search for a list of SKUs.

You can search up to 1000 SKUs at a time. If you need to search for more, you will need to run more than one search. 
  1. Navigate to the Manage Inventory page to search your products.
  2. In the search filters, the filter "SKU" is a blue link. Click on this link, which will open a pop up window. 

  3. From the new window, click the link "Show/Hide textbox to paste SKU list". In this box, you can paste your SKUs and click Search SKUs. Be advised that while this text box may accept more than 1000 SKUs, it will only allow you to select the first 1000.
  4. A grid will appear showing all results. If any SKUs entered are not found, they will appear on the right of the text box. If searching for more than 25 SKUs, you will see a "Page Size" dropdown. You should adjust this to a value equal or higher than the number of records found for your search.

  5. Once you select a large enough value in Page Size, your page will refresh and this dropdown will disappear. You should then select the checkbox on the top left of the grid, which will allow you to select all the items on this page.
    You should not use the checkbox on the top right. As it notes, this is for exporting your list only (which can be done from the action menu). This checkbox will not select all your SKUs on all pages to search.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click "Select". The window will close, and you can click Search to search the selected list of items.

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