Creating an Order Manually Overview

Updated 2 years ago

With Sellercloud, you can easily create new orders, related ordersreplacement orders, and wholesale orders.

New Order Information

  1. To create a new order manually navigate to the Orders tab > Create New Order.
  2. Select the company that this order will be related to. Under the company you can select if this is a Wholesale order or Sample Order (used for testing mostly).
  3. All the available order information can be populated in the panels below.
    • User Info - Name of the user making the order.
    • Billing and Shipping info - The shipping and billing addresses.
    • Shipping method information - Lets you choose from your preferred shipping methods.
    • Payment information - Offers different payment methods and the related settings.
    • Other Info - You can add customer instructions, notes, tax and select the sales representative
    • Customer Rating - Internal note for sale representatives to rate the customer.
    • Order Items - You can add the products here by product ID or search them using different filters
  4. After you have added all the needed information you can hit Refresh Totals on the bottom to make sure the total matches.
More information for creating New Orders can be found here.

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