Batch Print Labels to PDF

Updated 2 years ago

The Batch Print to PDF feature allows you to generate multiple labels and save the labels to a single PDF file on your local PC. 
 Batch printing cannot be used when printing half label/half invoices to PDF.
  1. Menu >  Options > Batches.
  2. Locate the Batch Print to PDF options.
    • Save Labels to single batch PDF file - Enable this setting to save a batch print to a regular PDF file.
      • Prepare for Thermal Printer - When enabled together with the above setting, the file will be saved in a format compatible with a thermal printer as a 4 x 6 label. (See below 5)
      • Auto-Open after Saving - When enabled, the file will automatically open for review and printing.
  3. Save your settings.
  4. Ship your order using the Process Batches option to generate and save a single PDF file. 
  5. When printing the labels to a thermal printer (as configured above) you may need to select the option "Fit" on the printer dialog page under the sizing options .

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