Downloading a Variation Listing from eBay

Updated 2 years ago

When downloading a variation listing from eBay into SellerCloud you will need to assign a custom label for each variation. Follow the directions below to create a variation listing on eBay and pick up from adding the SKU or Custom Label for each variation:
  1. On the Create Listing page expand the List multiple variations of your item. You need to be in the Advanced Listing Tool mode.
  2. Click Create variations.
  3. Add variation details and click Continue.
  4. Add item specifics and click Continue.
  5. Click Add SKU for your item.
  6. Enter a Parent custom label and click ADD.
  7. eBay will generate a custom label for each variation, but you can edit those suggested labels manually.
  8. Continue with photos etc...
When importing your eBay listings, the variation will be configured as an n-Matrix.

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