Updating Sears Listings

Updated 2 years ago

Automatic Updates to Sears

Sears inventory and pricing updates automatically in separate feeds. This is controlled by Sears setting Allow Inventory Upload and Allow Pricing Updates.

Manually Updating Sears Listings

Individually from Sears Properties page
  • Post on Sears - To update all product attributes
  • Update Inventory on Sears
  • Update Price on Sears
Multiple Products from Manage Inventory page
  • Select Products then select Update Inventory on Channel from action menu. Press Go. Select Sears. Press Continue.
  • Select Products then select Update Price on Channel from action menu. Press Go. Select Sears. Press Continue.

Inventory feeds update the following properties:
  • Store ID
  • Inventory
  • Pickup Now Eligible
Pricing feeds update the following properties:
  • Sears Price
  • List Price/MSRP
  • Sale Price
  • Sale Price Date Range
  • Shipping Costs
  • Free Shipping Date Range
  • Free Shipping Promotional Text

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