Channel Vacation Mode

Updated 4 months ago

If you will be unable to process orders for an extended period of time; for example, you are going on vacation, you have the option to set your channel account to vacation mode. This action must be applied on the actual channel account, such as Seller Central.

Click the links below for instruction on how to set your accounts to vacation mode. Applying a vacation mode will prevent your items from being purchased, or even viewed:

  • Amazon Vacation Mode
    • To allow buyers to purchase from your Amazon account while temporarily delaying the required fulfillment time, use the Global Fulfillment Latency option on the Amazon Setting page.
  • eBay Vacation Mode
    • Similarly, for eBay, update the Max Dispatch Time for all eBay listings. Read how to bulk edit eBay listings, including Max Dispatch time.
  • (Rakuten) Vacation Mode
  • Sears Vacation Mode - The quickest way to remove your listings from in the event of your business is temporarily closed is to set the inventory to 0 for all items:
    • Unchecking the "Sears Enabled" on a product's Sears properties page
    • With bulk file upload, use column header SearsEnabled with value FALSE
    • In bulk from Manage Inventory page - select products > Enable/Disable for channel on action menu > Go > select Sears and Disable > Continue
  • Walmart Vacation Mode - In your Seller Center, set "Additional Days Off" for all days that your office is closed.
  • Jet Vacation Mode - To put your account into Vacation Mode, contact Jet to temporarily turn off theaccount. When ready to be turned back on, contact them again. There is no way to complete this action on the API end or within the Partner Portal.
  • All other channels - Check with each one to see if they have a vacation mode option. 
    • Alternatively, you can raise the default safety qty on each channel's settings page. Raising it above your inventory level will send a zero qty to the channel.
    • Raise the lead time ship. This allows the customer to purchase, while knowing that it will take time to receive the item. A default fulfillment latency field can typically be found and adjusted on the channels' respective settings pages.
    • Make your warehouses non-sellable

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