Amazon Business Pricing

Amazon Business sellers have the option of offering a special business price and tiered discounts to Amazon Business customers. 
Read more about Amazon Business here.

Business pricing can be set on the product level.
  1. Product > Amazon Properties page.
  2. Action Menu > Manage Business Pricing > press Go.
  3. Enable business pricing checkbox.
  4. Enter a business price that is irrespective of qty purchased. Must be equal or less than the regular retail price This price will only be available for Amazon business customers.
  5. If tiered discounts will be offered, select a discount type - Fixed Price (dollar value) or Percent.
  6. Set up to 5 thresholds for tiered discounts. 
    1. If you are offering Fixed discounts enter a threshold qty, then enter the discount price per item in the discount field for each tier.
    2. If you are offering Percent discounts enter a threshold qty and a discount percentage for each tier. 
  7. Save and update Amazon, or Save Discount and update price at a different time using the Update Price on Amazon action.
Read more about Amazon Business Pricing here.

Amazon Business Orders
Products purchased by Amazon Business customers will import with the Order Subtype "Amazon_Business" displayed above the Amazon Order Type on the order status bar. An order subtype filter can filter Amazon Business orders.

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