Reporting issues with Delta

Updated 4 months ago

When reporting an issue in Delta, please perform the following steps:

  1. Test if the issue occurs in Alpha. 
    If you encounter an issue in Delta, repeat the action in Alpha to determine if the issue is with the specific interface or with SellerCloud. 
    You can quickly access Alpha by clicking Delta's App Switcher at top right and choosing Switch to original design. Show me where.
    1. If the issue occurs in Alpha - Report it as a regular bug through the Support Portal.
      Here's how to report an issue to SellerCloud Support.
    2. If the issue does not occur in Alpha - Report it from your current Delta page by creating a support ticket directly from that page: 
      1. Click the small blue "i" icon on the bottom of the page > enter information about the issue in the window's default Support tab:

        Enter the support issue on the Support tab
      2. Click Submit to create a ticket in the Support Portal.
If an issue occurs in both Alpha and Delta and you are unable to perform an important action, please be sure to report this to our Support Team at the Support Portal.

DO NOT open a ticket directly from Delta as described above. 

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