3D Cart Orders

Updated 2 years ago

3dCart orders will download automatically into SellerCloud. After shipping, tracking information will upload to 3dCart automatically. This automation is controlled by the following settings on the Website General Settings page:
  • Allow Order Download
  • Allow Tracking Upload
  • Allow Unpaid Orders - if applicable
  • Allow Partial Paid Order - if applicable
  • Enable Order Download Limit - Setting a order limit date will prevent older orders that were already shipped from downloading into SellerCloud.

3dCart Authorized Payment Orders

Some merchants authorize payment at the time of the order. Meaning, the merchant won't capture the payment until a later time, typically when the order is shipped. If the payment processor on 3dCart is Authorize.net, SellerCloud can send a capture payment request for "authorized" payments.
  1. Authorize.net API credentials should be entered on the payment settings page. Read how to here.
  2. On the order detail page, open the action menu and select Receive Payment. Press Go. Or press on the "Authorized" bar in the order status menu bar.
  3. Select the action CC Post Authorization. Press Submit. if successfully sent the payment will be captured and the order status will update to "Charged". (Although the credit card info is not stored in SellerCloud, the authorize.net transaction ID and transaction amount is used in capture request.)

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