Rakuten Account Integration

Updated 2 years ago

Note: Rakuten is still referred to in SellerCloud by its former name, Buy.com.

Get FTP credentials

SellerCloud communicates with Buy.com using a FTP site.

  1. Contact them at MPIntegration@mail.rakuten.com to request FTP credentials.
  2. Enter the credentails in Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > Toolbox > Buy.com > General Settings.
 If you are working on SellerCloud installed on your private server, error code 425 indicates that the firewall needs adjusting to allow communication with Buy.com. Active FTP requires the client's firewall to allow traffic above > 1023 from port 20 & 21.  Port 20 is the data communication port. 

Set the shipping method mapping

Buy.com has several shipping options; you must map those options to the shipping methods and carriers you use.

For example, if you choose Second Day Air, the mapping can have the order marked UPS 2nd Day Air.

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > Toolbox > Buy.com Settings > Shipping Method Mapping

Import Buy.com product IDs from existing listings

  1. From the Buy.com portal, click Manage Inventory > Download your Currently Posted Listings > Click Request Export Download.
  2. When done, click the Check Export Status button, then click ListingDownload.zip to download the listings file. There is a text file in the zip folder with a list of all active listings: Save File.
  3. Click Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > Toolbox > Buy.com Properties > ImportProductIDs to select and import the file. New products will be created and existing products will update.

Import open orders

Before you can start shipping your Buy.com orders, ensure everything has been ship-confirmed. If there are open orders in Buy.com, bring them into SellerCloud:

  1. Download the open order report from Buy.com.
  2. Import it into SellerCloud under Orders > Import Orders.
  3. Select the channel and import the file.

Exclude disabled products from inventory updates

By default, SellerCloud sends inventory updates for all items with the Buy.com price, but your updates can exclude all items that are set as disabled.

To exclude disabled products:

  1. Settings > Client Settings > choose Exclude disabled products from Buy.com inventory update > Save.

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