Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can't I log into SellerCloud? I am getting an error that my password is incorrect. 

Check that you are logging into the correct URL. Most clients are not on the server.

If you are unsure of your server's URL, contact SellerCloud Support.

Why can't I post to Amazon? I am getting a response that the request is throttled. 

Amazon sets an API limit where they only allow you to send limited amount of requests during a certain time period (typically 30 separate MWS calls or 250 Items simultaneously) before throttling your request.

Use the Launch Products to Amazon option on the Manage Inventory page. 

Why can't I preview my FBA Shipment? 

Check that all FNSKUs have been retrieved successfully and that all products have dimensions updated on Amazon.

Why are my eBay orders not downloading? 

Enable the "Download Orders" on the eBay Settings page. Link the company again to eBay from the eBay wizard. You must do this every year,  even if the token expiration date has not passed.

Where can I download the latest ShipBridge version? 

From the SellerCloud Support Portal under Applications.

Why aren't my filters showing in ShipBridge? 

They may not be enabled. Locate the "Enable Advanced Filters" button at the top of the page and enable. Check that the "Show Filters" checkbox (at the top left) is checked.

If that's not the problem, try closing ShipBridge and reopening.  

Why is SellerCloud slow right now? Even navigating from page to page takes a long time. 

Your server may be getting an update. Updates usually complete in 20 - 30 minutes.

Why is my queued job taking a while to process? 

It could depend on how much data is being processed in the job. If the job status says "processing," the data is updating. There is a limit to the number of queued jobs that can be processed simultaneously on one server. If your database operates on a shared server, other clients' jobs may be in line to process.

Why can't I transfer data from QuickBridge to QuickBooks? The system is showing errors. 

QuickBooks must be running on the same computer as QuickBridge. You may not have access and permission to the QuickBridge files. Check this Granting Permissions information.

After granting the permissions, close and reopen both applications. On the initial transfer, you may have to run QuickBridge and QuickBooks as an administrator.  

Why are the desktop applications - ShipBridge, ReceiveBridge, ImageBridge, or QuickBridge - not working properly? 

You may be using a version that is not compatible with SellerCloud anymore, or you may be using a updated version without having updated to the latest SellerCloud. Contact SellerCloud Support to determine the correct version for you. 

Why didn't my inventory update when an order came in? The time on the order says 7:00 PM, but my inventory in SellerCloud didn't update until 10:00 PM. 

The time on the order is the time the order was placed on the channel. However, the channel may not include that order in a feed to SellerCloud until a later time. This occurs more frequently with orders placed on Amazon. The actual time of the order creation in SellerCloud is indicated on the order history page. Look for the "Time of Order Original" and "Record Created On" rows.

The best option is to enable the Pending Orders report. A pending report is a report Amazon sends of items that have been placed in shopping carts. Enable the "All Orders Report(Pending Orders)" option on the Amazon General Settings page. Make sure the client setting "Query Amazon Pending Orders before sending inventory update" is enabled (it should be on by default).   

Why am I not getting product information when I use the "Get Info from Amazon" action? Also, I sometimes cannot access product information when adding the product through the Add via Amazon feature? 

Amazon does not allow some products to be accessed via the Product Advertising API, which is the API used in the action Get Info from Amazon and Add Product Via Amazon.


Why does my listing have a quantity of zero when there is available quantity? 

Check if the safety quantity meets or exceeds the available quantity. For example, if there is an available quantity of 5 and you have a safety quantity of 5, a quantity of zero will be sent to the channel.

Why does my product have an "Inactive" status on Amazon when it has available inventory in Seller Central? 

Your product may have the misfortune of being part of a product line that requires Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. Amazon will set such products to Inactive until the seller provides proof (forms and photos) that the item will be shipped with Frustration-Free Packaging.

Is the Order Status updated on FBA orders that are refunded? 

When refunds import into SellerCloud from the Amazon Settlement Reports, they will also update the Order Status. The Status will change to Full Refund or Partial Refund. Some common refund types are Refund, Chargeback Refund, and A-to-z Guarantee Refund.

How to change a SKU on an order? 

Use the Replace SKU workflow.

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