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SellerCloud can schedule eBay auctions for a future time. Whereas doing so on eBay directly will incur a charge, scheduling on SellerCloud will automatically post auction at the scheduled time for free!
To post an auction manually for an individual product, go to the particular product, open toolbox and click eBay Listing Manager. Then, click Add New Listing, select an existing title or create a new one, and click Create New Listing.

Now you are on the eBay Posting page. Click on the Auction option at the top right and select duration. On the bottom right corner click Schedule Posting and set a date and time. 
Note: The date and time refers to the date and time zone of your database/server's location. Shared servers are generally located in US Eastern Standard time zones.
If you want to the item to get listed on eBay now, click Post to eBay
Once the Item is successfully posted on eBay, it will receive an eBay Listing ID on the top left corner. Clicking on the ID will open the eBay page. (In the Image below, the listing has a temporary ID, which is assigned to the listing until it is posted.)  

Read the sub-pages to learn how to schedule auctions with multiple products:

Scheduling with product group set

Scheduling with product group series

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