Bulk Updating Bigcommerce Categories

Updated 2 years ago

Categories are required in order to post to Bigcommerce. Read here on how to download categories.
Categories can be selected on the Website Properties page. To bulk update multiple products use the column header Categories. The categories numerical ID needs to be used as the update value, not the category name. To numerical ID's can be exported in the following manner:
  1. Navigate Settings > Toolbox > Website > Website Cart Categories.
  2. Select the Bigcommerce plugin. Your categories will display.
  3. Press the Export Categories hyperlink to download an excel file with the categories.
  4. The file will have 5 columns:
      1. PluginID
      2. CompanyID - The numerical code of the SelllerCloud company associated with Bigcommerce.
      3. CategoryID - This column contains the numerical code for the category
      4. CategoryName - This column contains the name of the category
      5. ParentID - The numerical code of the parent category. For example, if you have a category tree Accessories > Bags, then Accessories is the parent category and bags is the child category.
  5. Copy and paste the numerical code from the CategoryID column into the Categories column on the bulk update file.   


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