Enabling and Disabling Products for Amazon

Updated 4 days ago

Products that are not enabled for Amazon, but have active listings, will be updated with 0 quantity inventory. This will apply if Allow Inventory Update is enabled on the company's Amazon Settings.

You can enable or disable products for Amazon as follows:

  • Individually from Amazon Properties - Product > Toolbox > Amazon Properties. Check or uncheck the Amazon Enabled box > Save.

  • Set each new product as Amazon Enabled by default when it is created in your SellerCloud catalog: Company Settings > Toolbox > Amazon Settings  > Product Defaults > New Products are Amazon Enabled > Save. 

  • In bulk from the Manage Inventory page - Inventory > Manage Inventory > select a product or products > Action Menu > Enable/Disable For Channel > Go. Next, select the Amazon box and choose Enable/Disable > Continue. 

  • In bulk with a file update - Use the column header Amazon Enabled and set value to TRUE or FALSE. Learn more about bulk updating with a file.

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