Company Toolbox

Updated 6 months ago

Each company's Toolbox contains all settings that are only related to that company.

The Client Setting Always show company settings left menu will determine if a company's Toolbox is always open by default.

Important settings for a company include:

  • Channel Integrations - All credentials and settings for different integrations can be set here
  • Custom Company Settings - Some plugins and channels may require additional settings. The Custom Settings menu is available if you select the Client Setting Enable Custom Company Settings.
  • Channel Warehouse - Lets you set specific warehouses per channel or restrict them. See this article.
  • Invoice Settings - You can set how generic invoices look or use a specified plugin. More information is available here.
  • Email settings - Set your default email here. Any emails sent from SellerCloud will have this email set as sender. More information is available here.
  • Payment Settings - Set Credit Card processors and PayPal.
  • Product Defaults - Set different types of plugins to make automated actions for your products/orders.
  • Product Feeds - Repricers like ChannelMax and AppEagle can be set here. Check the information available here.
  • Return Settings - Default return settings for this company. Some channels have separate settings for returns.
  • Scheduled Tasks - Numerous automated tasks you can run from here. Some work as channel integrations, others as reports, etc. More information is available here.
  • Website - Settings for integrated websites.
  • Vendors - You can set your vendors here per company. More information is available here.

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