Repricing Products / Integration with Repricers Overview

Updated 2 years ago

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SellerCloud integrates with 3rd party re-pricer such as, to adjust prices based on competitor prices

SellerCloud can reprice your items based on fixed rules, such as a profit margin. This means that SellerCloud can reprice your items when importing a vendor's inventory file using a special plugin. For example, a pricing rule may be that the selling price must always be 30% more that the cost of the product, or even 30% more than the total item cost including the estimated shipping cost. As the vendor's price changes, the price of the item in SellerCloud would adjust accordingly. 

Amazon may requires certain sellers not to undercut their own prices on other channels. If Amazon were to discover that seller selling the same item for less on a different channel, they may suspend that seller's account. This can make it challenging to work with repricers, because your price on eBay, for example, may be lowered to beat an eBay competitor, while the price on Amazon may remain at a higher price. When your repricers are integrated with SellerCloud, however, you can remain in compliance with Amazon in the following way. 
  1. Repricers create reports of their latest repricing activity. Upon request from the third party repricer, this can be pulled frequently using a Product Import Scheduled Task. Using a special product import plugin, the lowest price across all channels in the report can be set as the product's site price on the product summary page. This must be coordinated with the repricer.
  2. Now that the site price is continuously being updated to the lowest price, you can set the Amazon price to use the default site price by enabling the Use Default price checkbox on the Amazon properties page.
  3. Lastly, you would enable the Pricing Update option on the Amazon Settings page in the Company Settings. Although when using repricers the pricing updates are typically disabled, in this case you would enable the pricing update. This will allow SellerCloud to update Amazon with the most recent pricing change; matching the lowest price set on any other channel.

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