Create a New SKU

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Please read first! For the article covering Sellercloud's original interface, download this file.

You can create new SKUs easily in Sellercloud's updated software. When creating a new SKU, it is important to avoid using blank spaces as it can lead to errors with channels. Once the product has history with channels and warehouses it cannot be changed.

Once created, a SKU becomes active, can be listed on channels and added to orders, purchase orders, and warehouses. More product details can be set on the Product Summary Page. More information about this is found in Add New Product (Product Summary) Overview.

Sellercloud also lets you create products in Bulk Update. Read Bulk Update Products Overview to learn more.

Products can be added via channel, too. Read Add a New Product via Channels.

Creating a new SKU

  1. Use Catalog > Add New Product.

    sellercloud add new product menu
  2. Choose your Company and Product Name (Product Name can be changed later).
  3. Type in the Product SKU or click the button to generate a new one.

    sellercloud create product manually
  4. Select your Product Type. Read Product Types to learn more.
  5. Create Product.

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