Channel Plug-in Integrations through Scheduled Tasks

Updated 8 months ago

Plugin-based channel integrations are used by SellerCloud for smaller niche marketplaces or when API integrations are unavailable. 

The steps to configure most of these integrations are very similar. Most plugin integrations can be set up to run automatically through Scheduled Tasks. Generally, there are 3-4 tasks required for most integrations, depending on how the channel works.

See each topic below for instructions for the most common configuration.

  1. Inventory/Product export to channel
  2. Order Import from channel
  3. Tracking Export to channel
    Tracking export plugins are considered "Order Export." This means that tracking export tasks should be set up as the task type 'Export Orders' in order for the plugin to appear for selection in the dropdown.
Some channels have 2 types of product export plugins for a single integration:

Example 1: When there are separate inventory update and product data feeds. In this case, you set up two separate "Product Export" tasks, each using a different plugin.

Example 2: If the channel requires invoices or acknowledgements to be sent. This would be a second Order Export type task, set up in addition to the Tracking Export task.

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