Order Status

There is a general order status, and then separate statuses specific to different aspects of the order like shipping status and payment status
  • In Process – a new order that has not yet been processed
  • Completed – an order that has been shipped
  • On Hold - where processing has begun but has not been completed
  • Canceled - an order that was canceled
  • Problem Order – an order put on hold but marked to check for problems, such as fraud
  • Shopping Cart – when a website shopping cart runs directly off of SellerCloud. It is also used while SellerCloud is building an order, until the order is completely formed.
  • Void – hides the order, similar to deleting it. More info can be found on this page.
Orders with the status of "Shopping Cart" and "Void" don't show up in the regular Order Manager search results.

Please note: Partially shipped orders will retain the order status "In Process". It will get a shipping status of "Partially Shipped"

You can manually update the order status of an order from either the Manage Orders page or the Order Detail Page. On the Manage Orders page select the orders you wish to update. Open the action menu and scroll down to the five orders status items. Select the the desired status and click GO. This process can be done at the Order Detail page as well.

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