Etsy Variations & Shipping Templates


Variations can be posted to Etsy from SellerCloud. Currently we are supporting variation with up to two dimensions. To post the n-matrix to the channel simply post the parent.

Client setting Enable Etsy Variations must enabled for variation posting.

Shipping Templates

The shipping templates (also referred to as shipping profiles) have to be created on Etsy before you can start using them in SellerCloud. Go to Etsy > Settings > Shipping Settings > Shipping Profiles. 

After creating a shipping template, you need to get its ID as follows:

  1. Click on the number of listings that use the relevant shipping template.
  2. Copy the shipping template ID from the URL
  3. After getting the ID from Etsy, you can use it to create the shipping template in SellerCloud. This can be done from your  Company Toolbox Etsy Shipping Templates.

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