FedEx Web Services

Updated 8 months ago

To use this feature, the setting Fedex Disable Parent Credentials must be deselected on ShipBridge's Admin tab. Contact SellerCloud Support for assistance.

Web Services registration

Configuring FedEx Web Services is a simple and seamless process in ShipBridge:

  1. Go to Menu > Options > Carriers > FedEx tab.
  2. Click the Use FedEx Web Services radio button. The screen refreshes with the options for Web Services.
  3. Do not complete any fields: First, click Register.

  4. Read and accept the license agreement > Continue.
  5. The FedEx Registration form appears; complete all its required fields. Note: Address must be the billing address registered with FedEx.

  6. Click Register. FedEx will automatically send all of your information to SellerCloud.

Per-company configuration

  1. On the FedEx tab, click the Per-company configuration button.
  2. A list of your companies appears. To enable them, click the box Use Merchant-specific credentials for FedEx Web Services.
  3. Click Edit to enter company-specific credentials and Test or Clear them. If no credentials are selected, the default is used.
  4. Click Save.

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