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Note: Rakuten is still referred to in SellerCloud by its former name,

The procedure for listing a new product on from SellerCloud varies depending on whether the seller wants to join an existing listing or whether the seller wishes to create an entirely new listing.

Create Brand New Listing

For most product categories, a file that is formatted to's specifications can be exported. This file can be sent to to create new listings. A few categories, such as Watches and Jewelry, can be posted directly from SellerCloud. See below.
  1. Enable client setting Export products in Generic template.
  2. Get product ready for
  3. On Properties page, press Configure Attributes. Complete the attribute fields.
  4. Go back to Properties page.
  5. Select Export for from action menu. Press Go. A file will export to your PC.
    • This export can be done for many products in bulk from the Manage Inventory page.
  6. Upload the file to This validates the products. 
  7. After validation, email and request that the listings be created.
  8. Take the Shopping SKU for each product and add it to the BDC ProductID field in the Properties page. 
    • To update products in bulk, use column header BDC_SKU
  9. After the item has been created in your Rakuten Portal add inventory to the product, if not already done. The item will not be visible for sale until the inventory feed is sent to

Posting New Listing for Watches and Jewelry directly from SellerCloud 

  1. Configure a Product Type for Make sure to select the template for the desired categories on the Product Type. The template may need to be placed on your server by SellerCloud Support.
  2. On the Product Home page, select the product type from the Product Type drop down.  
  3. Ready the product for by completing the required fields. Hover over the red X to reveal missing required fields.
  4. Go to the Manage Inventory page and search for that product. Click Launch to on the Action Menu. This will submit your listing to, however they will not post it because it does not yet have a Product ID.
  5. Retrieve the Product ID under the Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > Toolbox > Settings > General Settings. Select Download SKU list. This will give you a list of SKUs and their Product ID.
  6. Copy and paste the Product ID and select Update Inventory from the Action Menu.
  7. After the product is ready, select Post to SellerCloud Support needs to activate the action Post to on the client's server.

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