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Please read first! This topic explains the Product Group feature in Sellercloud's Delta interface. For instructions in Sellercloud's original interface, please download this file.

The Product Group feature lets you add products together, so you can, for example:

In Sellercloud, a product can be added to multiple groups.

Once you've grouped products together, you can view the groups as follows:

  • Click Catalog > Product Groups - View and edit all current product groups
  • Click the Product > Toolbox > Product Group - See all groups containing the product

There are two ways to create a new product group:

  • From the Product Groups page
  • From any Sellercloud report with a SKU filter

There are two ways to add products to an existing group:

  • From the Product Group's page
  • In bulk with a file upload

You can also delete products in bulk from a group.

Creating a new product group

  1. Click Catalog > Product Groups.
  2. Click the green + icon in the lower left corner.
  3. Enter Product Group NameAdd.

    sellercloud product groups create new product group function
  4. To open the group, click the notification or find it in the grid.

    sellercloud create new product group notification window

Adding products to an existing group

  1. In the product group, click + to add products. When adding products to a group, the products must be from the same company.

    sellercloud product group - click the + icon to start adding products
  2. Search for the products to add > select products > click Add Selected.

    sellercloud find SKUs to add to a product group

Adding products in bulk to an existing group

The bulk-import will only add products to an existing group; it will not create a new group.
  1. Click Catalog > Import Product InfoImport Product Group.
  2. Download the template.

    sellercloud download the template to import product groups
  3. Populate the template's ProductID and the ProductGroupName columns > Save the file.

  4. Click the File icon to find the file > click Import . The product(s) will appear in your existing group.

    sellercloud import a group of products

Deleting products in bulk from a group

  1. Click Catalog > Import Product Info > Import Product Group.
  2. Download the template.
  3. Populate the ProductID and ProductGroupName columns, and enter "Delete" into the Action column.

    Use this template to delete products in bulk from a product group
  4. Save the file.
  5. Click the File icon to find the file > click Import to upload it. A message will appear that the import was successful and that the product was removed from the specific group.

    sellercloud delete products from a product group

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