Storing FBA Inbound shipping costs into P&L order items

When we import shipping package information from Amazon, we now also import the total shipping cost per label and divide the shipping cost to per unit in that shipment. This is saved along with each shipping item.

  1. Navigate to the FBA Inbound Shipment page and select a shipment
  2. There is a menu action called “Shipping Costs”.  Here you can see the total shipping cost for each shipment, and the “Per Unit Shipping Cost” – which is the cost per item in the shipment. This cost can be manually updated on this page.
  3. In order to include this shipping cost into the order items,  we will need to create an adjustment. Go to the menu action called “Shipping Costs adjustments on Orders”. This page will bring in all orders that came in after this shipment was received by FBA, that have this product id, and are fulfilled via FBA.  Here is where you will choose the orders to apply the shipping cost adjustment to. You can manually change the adjustment amount as well.
If an order already has an adjustment of this type (FBA shipping cost), it’ll show up in the grid with the existing adjustment amount. 

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