Information Created When Posting Detailed Shipped Orders to QuickBooks

Updated 1 month ago

QuickBridge will create the following in QuickBooks when Posting Detailed Shipped Orders

The following accounts will get created in the Chart of Accounts

Bank Accounts:

  • SC Other Interim Account
  • SC Reverb Interim Account
  • SC Amazon Interim Account
  • SC eBay Interim Account
  • SC Overstock Interim Account
  • SC NewEggDotCom Interim Account
  • SC BuyDotCom Interim Account
  • SC Sears Interim Account
  • SC Wayfair Interim Account
  • SC Wm Mrktpl Interim Account
  • SC Interim Payable Account
    • When “Post All Payments to Undeposited Funds Account” and "Mark Fees As Paid" are enabled under Options  > Sales Orders.

Income Accounts:

  • Sales
  • Sales Discount
  • Shipping
  • Shipping Discount
  • SubTotal
  • Gift Wrap Charge
  • Handling Fee

Other Current Asset Accounts:

  • Inventory

Cost of Goods Sold Accounts:

  • Purchases - Resale Items

Expense Accounts:

  • Amazon Fees
  • eBay Fees
  • Paypal Fees
  • Commission Fees
  • Shipping Fees
  • Posting Fees

The following items will get created in the item list

Other Charge Type:

  • eBay Fees - eBay Fees Expense Account
  • Amazon Fees - Amazon Fees Expense Account
  • Shipping Fees - Shipping Fees Expense Account
  • Posting Fees - Posting Fees Expense Account
  • Commission Fees - Commission Fees Expense Account
  • Paypal Fees - Paypal Fees Expense Account
  • Shipping – Shipping Income Account
  • Sales Discount - Sales Discount Income Account
  • Shipping Discount - Shipping Discount Income Account
  • SubTotal – SubTotal Income Account
  • Gift Wrap Charge - Gift Wrap Charge Income Account
  • Handling Fee - Handling Fee Income Account

SalesTax Item Type:

  • SC Sales Tax - SC Tax Agency Vendor

The following Vendor names will get created in the vendor list, with no additional information

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Paypal
  • Shipper
  • SC_Shipper_UPS
  • SC_Shipper_USPS
  • SC_Shipper_FEDEX
  • Posting
  • Commission
  • SC_Amazon_Commission
  • SC_eBay_Commission
  • SC_Sears_Commission
  • SC Tax Agency

Customer List:

Customer Names will get created based on the options selected in File > Options > Main 

Class List:

By default, a class will get created for each product that's posted with the product name. If “Do not Post Product Class to QB” is checked off in the options menu, it will create one class named “SellerCloud”.

In the event that information added is unnecessary, you can make the field inactive so it won't display. Deleting it will not work, as it will be re-created in the next post.

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