NeweggBusiness Account Integration

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NeweggBusiness via API or FTP in a nearly identical process as is done with Newegg Marketplace.  After applying to become a seller at

API Integration

  1. Navigate > Settings > Company Settings >Toolbox >NewEgg Biz> General Settings.
  2. Check Enable API.
  3. Place secret key into API Secret Key field (Provided by NewEgg ). Enter your NewEgg Merchant ID ( provided by NewEgg )
  4. Test credentials from Action Menu.
  5. Complete default settings as desired and enable NewEgg. Save Settings.
  6. Enable download and upload options when you are certain your inventory is prepared for listing.  

FTP Integration

  1. Step 1: Log into the Seller Portal. 
  2. Step 2: Go  to Manage Account section > Data feed Setting from the left-hand navigation bar.

  3.  Step 3: Under Data Feed Settings, there are two sections:
    • Order File - the section for seller to set up the order notification file format they would like to receive. The default format is MS Excel. SellerCloud requires the MS Excel format, so no changes are required here.  Once confirmed, click Save.

    • FTP settings- the section for seller to set up FTP account or change password. 

Setting up ftp for the first time use:
  1. Step 1 - click Request in the FTP Settings

  2. Step 2 -  Enter password in both Password and Re-enter password fields for confirmation. 

  3. Step 3- Click Save to complete.

Update current FTP password:

  1. Step 1 - Under the FTP settings section,  click on the password field and replace the * with desired password. Enter the new password again in “Re-enter Password” to confirm the change.

  2. Step 2 - Click Save to complete the change. The FTP server will take up to 10 min to reflect the change.

    Linking your Newegg Merchant account to your SellerCloud account:
    1. Navigate Settings > Company Settings > Company > Toolbox > Newegg Biz> General Settings
    2. Copy the ftp target URL and credentials from your seller portal and enter them into your SellerCloud account as shown below.
    3. Enable your Upload and Download options when you are certain that your products are ready for posting.

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